Assign issues✓ (16)
Create confidential issue
Create new issue
Download and browse job artifacts✓ (3)
Download project✓ (1)
Label issues✓ (16)
Leave comments
Manage user-starred metrics dashboards (7)
Pull project code✓ (1)
Reposition comments on images (posted by any user)✓ (10)✓ (10)✓ (10)
See a job log✓ (3)
See a list of jobs✓ (3)
See linked issues
Set issue weight✓ (16)
View Design Managementpages
View Releases✓ (6)
View a time tracking report✓ (1)
View allowed and denied licenses ✓ (1)
View GitLab Pages protected by access control
View Insights
View Issue analytics
View License Compliance reports ✓ (1)
View licenses in Dependency list ✓ (1)
View Merge Request analytics
View project code✓ (1)
View requirements
View Security reports ✓ (3)
View Value Stream analytics
View wiki pages
Archive test case
Archive/reopen requirements
Assign reviewers
Create code snippets
Create new test case
Create/edit requirements
Import/export requirements
Lock issue threads
Manage issue tracker
Manage labels
Manage linked issues
Move issues (15)
Move test case
Pull packages✓ (1)
Reopen test case
See DORA metrics
See a commit status
See a container registry
See a list of merge requests
See environments
Set issue estimate and record time spent
View CI/CD analytics
View Code Review analytics
View confidential issues(2)
View Error Tracking list
View License list
View metrics dashboard annotations
View project statistics
View Repository analytics
Add tags

Apply code change suggestions

Approve merge requests (9)

Assign merge requests

Cancel and retry jobs

Create and edit wiki pages

Create and run on-demand DAST scans

Create issue from vulnerability finding

Create new branches

Create new environments

Create new merge request

Create or update commit status

✓ (5)
Create vulnerability from vulnerability finding

Create/edit/delete releases

✓ (13)✓ (13)✓ (13)
Create/edit/delete a Cleanup policy

Create/edit/delete metrics dashboard annotations

Create/edit/delete project milestones

Dismiss vulnerability

Dismiss vulnerability finding

Enable Review Apps

Force push to non-protected branches

Label merge requests

Lock merge request threads

Manage Feature Flags

Manage security policy

Manage/Accept merge requests

Publish packages

Push to non-protected branches

Read Terraform state

Remove a container registry image

Remove non-protected branches

Resolve vulnerability

Revert vulnerability to detected state

Rewrite/remove Git tags

Run CI/CD pipeline against a protected branch

✓ (5)
See a job with debug logging

Stop environments

Update a container registry

Upload Design Management files

Use security dashboard

View Threats list

View Dependency list

View Pods logs

View project Audit Events

✓ (11)
View vulnerability

View vulnerability findings in Dependency list

Add deploy keys to project

Add new team members

Configure project hooks

Change project features visibility level

✓ (14)
Delete packages

Delete wiki pages

Edit comments (posted by any user)

Edit project badges

Edit project settings

Enable/disable branch protection

Enable/disable tag protections

Export project

Manage project access tokens (12)

Manage push rules

Manage CI/CD variables

Manage clusters

Manage Error Tracking

Manage GitLab Pages

Manage GitLab Pages domains and certificates

Manage job triggers

Manage license policy

Manage merge approval rules (project settings)

Manage Project Operations

Manage runners

Manage Terraform state

Push to protected branches

Remove GitLab Pages

Request a CVE ID

Run Web IDE’s Interactive Web Terminals

Share (invite) projects with groups

✓ (8)✓ (8)
Turn on/off protected branch push for developers

Use environment terminals

View 2FA status of members

Administer project compliance frameworks

Archive project

Change project visibility level

Create or assign security policy project

Delete issues

Delete merge request

Delete pipelines

Delete project

Disable notification emails

Remove fork relationship

Rename project

Transfer project to another namespace

Force push to protected branches (4)

Remove protected branches (4)